Horse Riding

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Horse Riding

Horse Riding | Rosehill Farms - Santa Fe, TX


At Rosehill Farms, we teach the huntseat, the forward riding position on riding horses. Like the fox hunters who inspired this method of riding, we find it's the best position to handle over the fence jumping and riding flat out. We like the huntseat because it's a very safe position. You will find your leg is in a good position, your weight is in the heels, you have good posture and a strong sense of balance.


A riding horse that can perform routines from memory, moves that are set as goals to reach through progressive training steps, is a successful example of dressage. At Rosehill Farms, we develop a rider's sense of the horse's natural ability and willingness to perform techniques we associate with dressage.

Proper Basic Equitation

Horse riding lessons at Rosehill Farms starts with basic riding skills, taught along with dressage and huntseat lessons. We teach riders how to ride correctly. We also teach how to use aids to riding, your voice, your hands, your leg, as well as the whip, the spur and the crop. In competition, you are sometimes judged by your riding ability, not the horse. We will teach you how to control the horse, an acceptable riding form and the importance of poise.

Here are some reason why you would try Rosehill Farm riding lessons:

1. Hunter and jumper lessons are available, and as mentioned, each is taught in conjunction with proper basic equitation.
2. Lessons are one-hour sessions especially tailored to the skills and goals of the individual rider.
3. Our large, covered arena contains the lesson area and lessons are provided Tuesday through Sunday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.
4. With 30 yeras expreience, owner and instructor Carla Winters, takes riders of all ages and levels.

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