Horse Camp

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Horse Camp

Horse Camp | Rosehill Farms - Santa Fe, TX

Horse Summer Camp

Here at RoseHill Farm we provide horse lovers of all ages and experience levels with the opportunity of a lifetime. Our Horse Camp, which is offered one week each June, provides campers with the ability to learn in-depth care for horses, riding experiences, and more related to the animals that they love. Located in Santa Fe, Rosehill Farm provides a quiet and pristine country setting for all campers to enjoy.

All campers that attend RoseHill Farm are provided:

• (2) Riding lessons per day
• Free ride time
• Expert instruction in horse care provided by some of the industry’s most reputable and experienced professionals
• Professional instruction on horse prepping for show
• Professional instruction on Tacking Up a horse and care for the tack
• Proper instruction for wrapping a horse’s legs
• Braiding and care of a horse’s tail and manes
The only equipment campers must provide for themselves is a pair of boots appropriate for riding! We do provide daily lunch and snacks for each camper in attendance.

Horses For Sale

Thoroughbreds are the most popular breed of horse in the world, and are offered at an affordable price on the market at Rosehill farm. A breed that harkens back to the 18th century and resulted from ordinary mares and Arabian Stallions, Thoroughbreds have had much success in racing and show competitions in North America since their installation in 1729. Since then, thoroughbreds have been exported from England to every continent in the world. They remain high priced animals because breeding practices are strictly observed and only properly conceived foals can be certified as thoroughbreds. Check our sales listings for the horse at the top of many people's dream list.

We list for sale many favorites too, like painted ponies and others. We try our best to give you as complete a picture as you need to pursue a horse.

For more information about RoseHill Farm’s Horse Camp and other equestrian related opportunities available, contact Carla Winters at (281) 381-9173. Carla is owner and operator of RoseHill Farm and has more than 30 years of experience she is always pleased to share with you.

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